About Us

Fab Fash offers cute, comfy, stylish women's clothing and jewelry. The clothing we sale is made to make you feel like the amazing woman that you are. We think that now matter the size you are, you deserve to feel beautiful every moment.

We source a large majority of our clothing from the USA and we are proud of that. Our mission is to support as many manufacturers from the USA that we can while still providing quality clothing at a good price!

Fab Fash headquarter location is in Michigan, and the owner, LaShondra. LaShondra is a single parent that knows the value of shopping for cute clothes on a budget. We feel like "If we can afford to buy our own clothes, and feel good about it. Then we are selling products that we are proud of."

We will do our best to give you good customer service, quality clothing, and nice prices. As far as shipping, we will strive to ship to US based customers in 5-7 business days.

When you shop with Fab Fash you're supporting a small, woman owned business. For that, "We thank you!"